Volleyball drills for

  • A line is made on the 3-meter line.
  • The coach throws a ball toward the net.
  • The player must play this ball into one of the two baskets, preferably overhead.
  • After a few minutes the balls are no longer thrown high, but are played with a bounce via the ground.
  • Row of players A at the 3-meter line with a ball.
  • 1 player stands at the net as a setter.
  • Player from row A keys to setter.
  • Setter plays ball BH into basket.
  1. spring in elbows.
  2. Extending elbows and pointing ball after.
  • Player at basket catches off and stands in row A.
With threesomes or twosomes with trainer.

  1. Player 1 plays ball BH over the net. 2 other players on opposite side: 1 in back defending and 1 set-up. Defender plays over the net to player 1.
    • Note: setup along the net. Turn in!
  2. Variation 1: 2-team starts in the back and runs forward. The player who does not pass gives set-up.
    Variation 2: 2-team starts in the middle and runs to the back. The player who does not pass gives set-up.
    • Try to play through.
  • 3 servers on one side of the net.
  • 2 rows of the remaining players.
  • From both rows 1 into the court. So a total of 2.
  • Servers take turns serving.
  • 2 players in the court pass the ball to the other player, who set the ball, 3rd ball over it.
Field is divided into 4 squares and in each square there is a pair; one behind the other.

The exercise expands and proceeds successively in this way:

On one side of the field everyone plays straight and on the other side everyone plays diagonally so that the ball "goes around.
  • Underarm passes within 3 meters and immediately pass overhead to the other side. Then run after the ball.
  • Same, only now the ball is not passed on, but instead a setup is given.
    • The 2nd person plays the ball overhand over the net.
    • The one who gave the setup runs on and the one who played the ball over the net goes back to pass.
  • Same, only now both persons are going to defend. The field runs to the double back line, 6 meters.
    • The ball is passed in jump to the opposite side. This may be long and short and it is up to the two defenders to solve this.
    • The one who jumps the ball goes after it.
  • Idem, only now the attacker is calm and defensible. Everything else remains the same, so the attacker rotates after the ball.
The pairs, as they stand now, stay together.
  • First a game is played on half-field straight.
  • Then the winners and losers play against each other on half field diagonally. Back line is 6 meters.
  • Games are played to 10 points.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • Overhand against the wall catch-throw.
  • Caught with the thumbs back
  • Thrown with the hands turned to high-five position.
  • Make ball contact shorter and shorter until the ball is played.
  • Make 4-pairs with 1 player with ball on the other side.
  • 1 player in the pass, 1 as playmaker and 1 catcher with ball.
  • Throw the ball over the net.
  • Pass to playmaker who gives a setup to the receiver.
  • At the moment of passing, the passer bounces the ball to the passer.
All together Guusje game.

2 tally replay.
- Play in, peppering.
- Touch the ground 1/2 hands
- 1x check for yourself, 2nd ball smash or push ball
- Throw on overhand and make sure there is a good pass.

Possibly diagonally follow must be a 3 and a 4 team.

Divide the group in 2:

Guusje/Neele/Delfin/ Tootsy

- 2 defenders
-1 setter
-1 attacker

After 4 minutes switch positions. Make sure everyone goes full speed. 

Evelin/Senne/EseraiTrainer throws the ball from pos.4 , 

- SV plays the ball back BH. 2 setters alternate (note: good technique, tight ball clear past the net) Eserai catch it high because of technique timing
- SV makes a block on 3 and plays the ball back BH.
- SV plays the ball backwards to the receiver at position 2
- SV makes a block at 3 and plays the ball backwards to the receiver at position 2.

Guusje game

:- replay pass.
- 1x control for your own and then BH back.
- 1x bra check in front of your own and then high bra back, so that fellow player can also play overhead.

Diagonal ball checking.
Also try BH.

Trainer bounces ball high from position 5, player has to run in from position 2 and play ball overhand back to player at position 5, this player catches the ball and joins the back of the line, player who played the ball overhand goes to position 5 to catch it.

Same but the player who has to play the brace plays backwards to the player behind him. This player catches the ball, throws the ball to the player at position 5. Everyone moves one spot forward.

3 against 3 in the 3 meter area, only BH, 3 times pass and then over the net, no match but technique exercise.

Divide into 2 groups:

group 1.
(after 5 balls switch groups, and when entering the field also switch positions)

- same but finish the attack, and group 2 collects the balls.

This drill can be played in warm-up by allowing only throwing and OH. 
Can work with 1 attempt pass-through system or with certain amount of time.
  1. Duos throw the ball into the net, other player defends.
    Variation: - Stroke into the net 
    - Stroke on the ground then into the net 
    - Pair with OH BH AAV to a certain goal such as a (bicycle tire) 
    - With points system

  2. 2 players each at the starting potty with 1 ball. Play the ball to each other.

     - Players each stay on 1 side: with rhythm: BH BH - OH -OH -BH BH ....
    Players play in a Z by means of an intermediate button, the 1st player takes the place of the 2nd. 

  3. Idem 1 but ball is thrown into the Tchouk. Player 2 defends.
    - Game with only BH and OH in the tchouk, point when the defender cannot defend it is a point. Max 2 contacts per player.
    Variation: definitely work with a playing field 
    - If point by attack/strike = 2 points, if OH/BH = 1 point.
You can do this exercise as a warm-up. By overthrowing the ball and playing into the received balls.

Passing: Follow ball.

  • Ball is no longer thrown over but technically hit. Defense + pass.
  • Ball is tested over in one time. Defense + pass with intermediate test.
  • Ball overturned on pass.
  • Skip ball.
  • Play in other direction.
Exercise 1:
  • Ball inspector to setter.
  • Setter passes alternately to 4 & 2 .
  • Attackers slide through. We continue to play through.
  • Variation: Can be on 2 sides or build out with attack behind the 3
Exercise 2:
  • Same exercise 1; 1 defender and 1 attacker per side.
  • We play over the net.
  • The attackers pass the balls diagonally to the defenders.
  • We play on in one time.
  • Variation: Place ball overplay or technical attack.
Exercise 3:
  • Players slide under the net and work in pairs of 3. Attackers become defenders and vice versa.