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Volleyball drills for technique setting / overarm technique

Per 2 or 3 players.
  • Player at the net with ball on a mat, this is the zone to be played to.
  • 2 players in the backfield. Take turns playing the ball back to the net player.
  • After contact by the back player, the 3 meter line is touched with quick movement.
  • Overhand/underhand contact only.
  • No more catching the ball.
drawing Warm up and ball control
Exercise to pass underhand and/or overhand.
  • The set-upper throws the ball high enough for the attacker.
  • Use a korfball basket for this purpose.
drawing Pass and Setup
  • Players start opposite each other at the net with 1 ball.
  • Ball is thrown under the net during a lateral move. Staying low is important.
  • Blue player leaves towards the back line.
    • jumping exercise on the bench
    • Sprint between the 2 cones
    • Back towards the net through speed ladder
  • Red player departs diagonally to the back line
    • Dive to the corner of the field
    • Hopping step with high knees from cone to cone
    • Side plank movement across mat
    • Ball waiting for players under the net and continue around the court
  • Both players reconnect on the other side of the field and start another round.
3 - 5 rotations.
drawing overhand + V
  • All players have a ball.
  • Divide the group into two - maximum 4 to 5 players per group.
  • Near the net is the ball pit.
Exercise per group:

  • Play up overhead in front of yourself and keep playing.
  • Slowly move towards the net, keep playing up.
  • Overhand: Play up high, quickly get under the ball, stand still and then play.
  • At the net: => play the ball IN the ball pit. The distance does not matter.
  • Ball on the ground => start again from the back line.
Same exercise can be done with underhand play up to the net + play IN the ball box.

For the better players there can be a third round:

  • Ball bin on the back line of the other field, players must now pass the net. Play over it, themselves under it. Underhand or overhead no longer matters, as long as the back line is crossed.
  • Make triplets with 1 ball.
  • Playmaker to the right of the ball
  • Play ball to playmaker
  • The dealer passes the ball overhand to the other player.
  • This passes the ball overhand or underhand back to the playmaker and receives another setup.
  • It is then played to the 1st player, who passes again to the playmaker who has meanwhile run to the opposite side.
drawing overhand for playmakers
Practice on defense, technical attack and drop balls.

  • Practice defensive techniques.
  • Improve technical attack techniques.
  • Practice with drop balls.
  • 1 side with block.
drawing Attacking exercise with 1-man block
  • 3 players in the middle play overhand for themselves.
  • 2 players outside also play overhand for themselves.
  • The outside players run around it.
  • And pass in between.
drawing Carousel
  • Two balls at once
  • Players at position 5 and 1 on two sides of the field, also 2 playmakers.
  • Ball from position 5 to server to position 1, to position 5 other side and so on.
  • Players run after their ball, except for the playmakers.
drawing Input and playmaker
  • Spikeball is a fun game you play with a net in the middle and a small ball.
  • 2 teams of 2 players play against each other.
  • Everything is allowed in terms of technique. This is easily adapted to volleyball, where after 3x games the ball may be played into a hoop.
  • After that it is the other team's turn.
  • It is a 360 degree field, so through the hoop the ball may go in any direction.

  • Always play the game 2 against 2.
  • Vary the level of difficulty for the players. For example: catch 1x for C youth, do not smash, and so on.
drawing Spikeball lite
  • 2-pairs
  • 1 with ball, 1 without ball lies on the ground
  • series of 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest

  • At start signal, player lying down stands up, gets ball thrown to him.
  • Player plays back overhand and goes back to the ground.
  • Again, explosive up, get ready, play and return to ground.
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Next series of 30 but pass underhand.
  • Then change and start again.
  • Players without ball on P2, P3, P4, P5/6 and P1/6.
  • Other players with ball on P6
  • Start with throwing, tossing or punting.
  • Later BH from the net and OH from the backfield.
  • From P6 pass the ball to P4 and run after it.
  • From P4 and P3 move the ball to P5/6 and P1/6 respectively and backward.
  • From P5/6 and P1/6 to P3 and P2 ball chase.
  • At P2 catch and connect to P6.
drawing Defending Zig-Zag
  • Players on the cabinets play a fast ball.
  • The net blocks and the back players pass the ball.
  • Play it out.
  • Bring balls to basket and distribute balls to cabinets.
drawing Defense and resolution