Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • There are 2 teams who both stand behind the back line.
  • In the middle between the two teams are 9 hoops in rows of 3, each team has 5 bags/ ribbons/pins.
  • At the start sign of the trainer, one person of each group may run and place a bag or move a bag of the opponent.
  • When this player is back behind the line, the next one may run.
  • The first team to get 3 in a row wins the game.
  • Make pairs. Each pair has 2 tennis balls.
  • Player 1 holds arms extended outward with 1 tennis ball in each hand.
  • Player 2 stands about 1 meter in front of player 1.
  • Player 1 drops 1 ball in a random order.
  • Player 2 must try to catch the ball as fast as possible to prevent it from falling on the ground.
  • Everyone is divided over the room.
  • Then everyone takes 2 persons in mind and gives these persons and themselves a number. 1, 2 or 3.
  • The player must now make sure that he is standing in a straight line with these 2 players (in order 1-2-3).
  • But everyone has other players in mind so chaos ensues and the players must work together to find a solution.

Make two teams. These players face each other with a ball in the middle on the ground.
The trainer takes turns calling out something for the players to do. This can be :

  • Head (tap head)
  • Shoulders (tap the shoulders)
  • Knee (tap the knees)
  • Toe (tap toes)
  • Ball (grab the ball)

The pairs compete against each other, trying to get the ball as quickly as possible and win.

groups of 2 players

  • Passing left and right alternately
  • bounce, left and right alternately
  • playing OH and BH/smash
  • you pass the ball to the person behind you through your legs and then you stand back until the whole row is at a certain distance

2 groups of 2 persons - 1 group of 3
Group of 2: 1 ballGroup
of 3: 2 balls

Group of 2:

  • Player a stands at 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m
  • Player a is going to catch reception

Group of 3:

  • Player a stands on 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m other side
  • Player c catches ball

  1. Throw 20x
  2. 20x throw - throw further so player has to turn around
  3. 15x top spin
  4. 15x float stroke
  • x-number of players standing on a bench
  • x-number of players in front at 2 to 3 meters
  • player in front of the bench throws the ball so that the player on the bench can catch BH
  • player on the bench catches BH > drops to his knees and rolls the ball towards the player on the ground
  • Dribbling on the spot
  • Sqauts
  • Sit ups
  • Push UPS
  • Hand clap
  • Shoulder pat
  • Boxing