Volleyball drills for warming-up


Each player has a ball.

  • The 2 team transfers one ball overhead and simultaneously throws the other ball tightly back and forth.
  • The 3 team plays one ball overhead clockwise from player to player and throws the other two balls tightly counterclockwise from player to player.
  • The 4 team plays straight ahead (oh, bra), after playing cross with the one next to you.

  • 2 players with the ball at one side of the net on the 3 meter line, throw the ball in turn
  • 1 player on the opposite side on the 3 meter line, this player makes the action
    • walks to the net and plays the ball oh high to the player from whom the ball came
    • runs backwards to the 3 metre line
    • sessions of 10 movements and change


  • per 3, 1 ball
  • 2 cones per trio on the width of the volleyball field.
  • player a runs in throws the ball high, player b runs in catches underhand and throws the ball high again, player c runs in and catches the ball underhand
  • adjust to bra, reception or combinations of

Ball War

  • Divide the group in 2
  • Give everyone a ball
  • At the signal of the trainer you roll your ball to the other side
  • Then you have to roll the balls back to your side
  • At the end of the game you have to make sure that there are as few balls on your side as possible

The emphasis here is on sitting low, which is useful for pass triangulation

Two groups - 1 catcher at position 3 - trainer at other side with cart to pass ball to

  • 1 hurdle at position 1 on backline
  • 1 hurdle at position 5 on backline
  • 2 hurdles in front of each other - one at the same height as hurdles 1 and 5, one hurdle 1m behind

Jumping over hurdle for player - quickly backwards diagonally and jump over two hurdles

  • Come from position 5 - ball arrives at position 5
  • Come from position 1 - ball arrives at position 1

Reception play to catcher - reception player becomes catcher - catcher puts ball in cart - catcher becomes booking


  • Trainer knocks to start on ball = sign that player may start jumping
  • Don't knock anymore = next player starts when previous player is over 2nd hurdle
  • Ball must land perfectly on position 3
  • Presence of many players = high tempo of the exercise

This exercise is incorporated into each workout and the numbers are gradually increased

  • Sit-Ups
  • Crunches
  • Leg Raises
  • Plank


  • Play a game of volley tennis against each other.
  • At lower levels the ball is allowed to bounce once, at higher levels it can be played in one go.
  • As soon as you lose a point you have to run circles around the court.
  • Until 2 remain, these play a final.
  • 4 Swedish benches are placed in a square.
  • A maximum of balls are placed in the square.
  • 2 or 3 players stand in the square and try to throw as many balls as possible out of the square during one minute.
  • The other players of the team run after the balls and throw them back into the square.
  • After one minute the team checks how many balls are still in the square.


Divide group into two/three teams.

1. Row back line, 1 ball, roll ball, ball just over 3 meter line - pick up (the faster you roll, the sooner you win)

2. Rows of back line, 1 ball, run to net, throw and catch short over net (4x)

3. Rows of back line, 1 ball, run to net, two meters distance, throw ball into net and catch

4. Lines at wall, 1 ball, 5x ball overhead against wall

5. Lines at wall, 1 ball, 3x throw ball underhand against wall, pass against wall, catch, etc.

6. Drive at wall, 1 ball, 3x throw ball from distance against wall (throw hard and far)


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