Volleyball drills for warming-up

2 hunters try to throw runners off with the soft ball. If you are hit you go on the bench. The runners have the hard ball, they are NOT allowed to run with it. They have to pass and throw it into the basket. If they succeed in doing so, all runners are allowed to return to the field. If the ball is missed, the runners must return to the baseline and start all over again.
2 teams (not too big), 2 mats and 1 ball. You throw to each other and try to smash the ball on the mat. Then you have 1 point. You may not throw back to the same person.
2 teams are trying to throw each other off. Net is on tennis height. When you're finished you're going to pick up balls for your teammates. When the ball is caught one team member can return. When you hit and catch the ball everyone can go back and the thrower is out. Who clears the opponent's field first? Fending is off, you have to dodge. You have to hit below the shoulders.
  • In pairs carry out the assignment.
  • 1 works and 1 has rest
  • Bench up and down with 2 legs at the same time
  • Push-ups, make sure they have their back straight.
  • Stand at the net and do a run and after landing you tap the 3 meter line and run again
  • Between 2 lines and move LOW and touch the side lines
  • At the net and only block. Hands by the shoulders and jump up from the knees
  • Leap over your buddy and after landing crawl through the legs of your buddy
  • Jumping rope
  • You can also double these exercises
  • 2 fields, 2 groups and a ball for everybody.
  • They stand in the middle of the field (near the net) with their backs against each other.
  • At sign of the trainer they throw the ball and catch it.
  • Only when they have succeeded, they run to the other side.
    • Idem only this time they sit and when the trainer tells them they throw the ball, catch it and move to the other side.
    • Idem lying on back
    • Idem lying on belly
  • Do each exercise 3 times and make it a competition (who has the first one on the other side).
2 benches opposite each other with goalkeeper in front of the bench. 2 teams who, by sitting low and looking, hit the ball with a flat hand to score. Ball may not go up.
  • Throw up the ball in front of you and catch it behind you
  • Variations:
    • Throw up, step out with the right, left knee on the ground and catch just in front of you
    • And step out with the left, right knee on the ground and catch


  • players stand opposite each other about 2-6 meter apart (players determine the distance)
  • player 2 hits the ball to player 1
  • player 1 passes the ball back
  • player 2 gives a set up to player 1
  • player 1 hits the ball
  • player 2 passes the ball back
  • player 1 gives set up
  • etc
player 1player 2

Aim: Players Setup from 1st time + targeted attack. 

  • T plays ball high over the net in the attack zone. 
  • Sv enters from pos.1 and sets up for -or backwards. 
  • A attacks on the mat/goal. 

Expand : Block, middle attack, ...