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Handball drill: defense aspect

Suitable for the following techniques: attack defense

Defense aspect

  • In pairs facing each other.
  • Defend by walking toward each other and:
    • bringing hands to shoulder height
    • tapping each other in the air with the hands - jumping
    • touching each other in the air with the chest
    • stopping each other with the hand in the side
Exercise 2:
  • 3 defenders: left builder, left player, right builder.
  • 2 attackers at each position.
  • The ball leaves on the corner running in, passes to the Left builder.
  • This Left builder passes pass to Center player.
  • Defenders go out to attacker and shuffle back off to place.
  • Attackers run backwards and may not stand still.
drawing defense aspect

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: