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Korfball drill: running forms and tap game combination

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Running forms and tap game combination

The base is a standard running form exercise, where you have players move back and forth in different ways to train general motor skills.
The tap game element adds responsiveness by having players react as quickly as possible and determine what they are going to do.

  • The players stand on a line and are given a way by the trainer to run across each time, see also running forms.

  • All players have a ribbon on, 1-3 players with the same color.
    Occasionally, while walking back and forth, the trainer calls out the color of 1 of the ribbons. These then become the tickers. The tickers get 10 seconds to tap as many of the remaining players as possible.

  • Then all return to the same line and start a running form again.

  • The idea is to start the tagging round immediately when the trainer calls a color and to quickly start the next running form when the tagging round is over. Keep up the pace.

Instead of running forms where players walk back and forth, you can do movement exercises standing in the same spot. Examples include Jumping Jacks, sitting/lying and getting up again, jumping forward and backward, etc.
The trainer occasionally gives the next movement assignment and calls a color to start a tap round.

Running Forms:
- Running / Running backwards
- Hopping / Hopping backwards
- Sideways with front right / Sideways with front left
- Small steps
- Hopping on right / Hopping on left
- Cross pass

- Jumps as large as possible.
- Medium-sized jumps and always balancing on 1 foot for a while before taking the next jump.
- With two feet side by side.
- With two feet side by side a big jump forward and another small jump back.
- With two feet zigzagging.

Arm movements to be combined with the above forms.
- Swing 1 arm forward or backward.
- Swing both arms forward, or both backward.
- 1 arm forward and 1 arm backward.
- Holding another body part with 1 or both arms.

As animals
- Frog; jumping on hands and feet.
- Crab; on hands and feet, with belly up.
- Kangaroo; jumping on two legs.
- Flamingo; hopping.
- Duck; crouching walk.

Characteristics of the drill

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