Volleyball drills for block / net defense


All exercises start together walking to net and simultaneous blocks in middle.

  1. Blocks middle, side to corner and block there too.
  2. Blocks middle, defense facing net to 4 meters, attack on corner, defend facing net to 4 meters etc.
  3. Blocks middle, 5x dive on 3 meter line, 5x block on corner, dive 3 meter line.
  4. Same as 3 but after dive on 3 meter still defending on attack T.
All exercises 5x and change sides each time after each exercise.
  • 3 blockers ; 1 outside and 2 middle.
  • 1 SV.
  • Rest attacks.
  • TR plays the ball in to the libero.
  • Libero pass --> SV -libero stays standing--> With more players, the guard can come in, 6.
  • Player 3 attacks --> player 1 and 2 are low in attack coverage.
  • Attacker becomes defender and defender becomes attacker.
Outside people set the block and the middle connects, the other outside becomes free net player in defense.

  • Everyone stays in their own position --> TR decides when we switch SV and attackers --> CAUTION the centers keep blocking !!!
  • With more players we can rotate through: 1 or 2 --> attacker --> waiting room, 6, comes in for defense.
  • Attacker becomes waiting room blocker - behind 5.
  • Blocker 3 --> gets the ball --> into ball carrier.
NOTE: maybe an extra man in the waiting room defense, then remove 1 blocker -4 or 5-.


Players perform some running forms via pawns:
  • 2 forward, 1 backward.
  • Ditto, sideways.
  • Lateral movement "through" the pawns.
  • Knee lifts over the pawns.
  • Jumping over the pawns.

  • Then blocking in the middle.
  • The one who stepped out to the left blocks along on the middle and then joint movement to the outside to set a block in pairs.
  • Stepping out to the right and blocking in pairs on the outside.
  • There are 3 threesomes, a 1 playmaker and 1 libero.
  • 1 trio will serve and defend, 1 trio will block and 1 trio will pass, along with the libero, and attack.
  • Sets always start at 18-18 and the match is played between attackers and defenders/blockers.
  • Attackers can only score directly from the side-out.
  • If the ball is defended, it must be caught by the right forward.
  • If that succeeds, it is a point for the defenders/blockers, otherwise for the attackers.
  • Row of attackers and blockers on the 3 -meter line.
  • TR plays rally ball on attacker 1.
  • Blocker 4 goes to the net.
  • 1 passes to S and calls where he wants the set-up; left, center or right.
  • Blocker follows the attacker and blocks.
  • Attacker gets the ball, connect behind your own row of attackers.
  • When the attackers score 10 x the attacker and blocker switch.
TR on 1 side of the field and libero on the other side.

  • TR plays the ball easily.
  • Libero pass --> SV.
  • SV gives setup on 52, C and MID.


TR on 1 side of the field + blocker and libero/SV and attackers on the other side.

  • TR plays the ball (easily).
  • Libero pass --> SV.
  • SV gives setup on 52 and C.
  • Attack and the blocker slides in with the attack to block.
  • Blocker gets the ball, the 2nd blocker stands by, ball in the ball bin, attacker.
  • Attacker --> blocker waiting.

  • Trainer/player and ball pit on field B p4.
  • Block field B on P2/ P3 and defend p5.
  • 2 players on field A on P2/ P3 block.
  • Defending field B on P4 and P5.
  • Trainer/player hits ball to P4/ P5.
  • Block and turn immediately after the action.
  • Defend ball, setup and attack on P4.
  • Block-defend-catch.
Attack p4-block p2-block p3-reserve
block p2-block- p3-reserve p5-defend p5


Jump with 2 legs on a box section, jump off in squat position (2x). 
Block center, connect to outside, block hit ball and with command to back line.


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