Volleyball drills for block / net defense

  • T strikes ball to libero, 2 attackers start at the net.
  • Pass, set-up and attack on position 3 or 4.
  • Blocking:
    • Outside, inside hand on ball, center joins in.
    • Centre blocks with emphasis on shielding position 1/2.
    • Then service (float) to position 1.
  • Variant:
    • Attack on positions 2 and 3 and service to position 5.
  • 2 players facing each other in the middle.
  • Dominant side has ball.
  • Both block and the non-dominant side taps the ball with two hands.
  • After landing, dominant side chooses a side and moves sideways to the antenna and jumps again with ball which is tapped over the net by the non-dominant side.
  • Then 1 blocked player, 2 players with balls behind them, 1 attacker on the opposite side. Ball is thrown over the blockers to the attacker.
  • Blocker watches arm of attacker and blocks ball to position 6.
  • Extend to 2-block with slide and centre, including movement.
  • Objective:
    • To prevent miscommunication in the field by keeping appointments.
  • Part:
    • Pass setup with 4 passers.
    • Left hand rule everything that comes right in front and left of you is yours.
    • In addition, the outside passers have the short balls that fall in the middle of the field.
    • Trainer stands at the other side of the net and starts throwing balls at conflicting places.
    • If this goes well, the trainer will hit the balls.
    • On the place of the defender there is a catcher who will be relieved after 3 minutes.
  • Part 2:
    • There is a five-man line-up.
    • So a playmaker, a center, a slide and 2 passers/runners.
    • The playmaker comes from the right back.
    • On the other side are 3 blockers and 1 defender.
    • The coach serves to the fivesome.
    • The playmaker of the fivesome is only allowed to pass to the attackers who are calling for the ball.(Goal: everyone asks for the ball)
    • The rally is played out.
See drawing

4 players on 1 side for intensive 2 times to do , on the other side 4 players for strength for 2 minutes then swap
  • 2 min intensive (ladders + attack - block - block + hoop + attack + sideways movement cones + bench )
  • 2 min power with heavier balls ( 4 exercises x 30 sec. )

  • Ball in storage
  • Pass to duo
  • Defense - pass - attack
    • Side of the serve, shifts one pos after every ball !
  • Steady ball in for incoming pass
  • Who chooses to attack,
  • 3 blockers
  • This exercise is about the movement of the middle block and cooperation with the outside blocker.
    • The ball is introduced through service or throw in (by the trainer or team-mate).
    • Service is towards the passer.
    • Passer brings the ball to the distributor.
    • The distributor sets up the attack.
    • After 10 attacks the game is continued.
    • Players prefer to play on their own position.
  • Important for the exercise:
    • The playmaker communicates with his attackers about the desired attacking position and speed (especially the alternation between rise and short of the middle attacker).
    • Mid block jumps with a rising attack (not full).
    • If the ball goes outside, he lands on his left foot and moves outside to set up a two-man block (connecting).
    • If the ball is played over middle, the outside blocker steps out to make a pass if the ball falls short or is hit.
  • Organization:
    • Trainer throws to playmaker on p2/4 on field A.
    • Every 5 setups the players are changed.
    • On p4 an attacker stands at the net.
    • On court B there is a blocker on p2 and a defender on p5.
  • Execution:
    • Trainer claps on the ball and throws to.
    • The attacker walks back from the net at the moment of hit and attacks the setup on p4.
    • She then runs back again and attacks a 2nd ball at p3.
    • The block on field B moves with her to p3.
  • Running directions:
    • Attacker becomes block.
    • Block becomes defense.
    • Defense retrieves the balls and becomes attacker.

  • Organization:
    • Players on p2 and p4.
    • Other players in 2 rows on 3m line p3.
  • Execution:
    • The first two players walk to the net and block together on p3.
    • Then they sidestep or walk to p2 and p4 and block together with the player who is already there.
    • The original player on p2 and p4 make a roll/dive and join the other row.
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