Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • Everyone on one position, we don't play center.
  • Basically you play a small game, with only rallies.
  • At each round you walk the lines as an outside attacker, walk from the front of the net to the three meter line to defend the balls within the three meter.
  • At every rally that goes well over the net, you rotate one spot.
  • Player saves
  • Reception is made --> pass given
  • Attack --> block/ defense
  • Turn through --> block stays for a moment (service - 1 - 6 - 5 - (reserve) - 4 - service)




Improve displacement and foot coordination


Speed Ladder


First all exercises at low speed, then increase speed.

  • Various exercises speed ladder (can be done with ball)
  • After speed ladder shuffle exercise defend a ball
  • After speed ladder exercise attack the ball on the outside
  • After speed ladder exercise attacking a ball at the center
  • After speed ladder excercise a turnover ball
  • After speed ladder exercise block a ball
  • A serves to B.
  • B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball into the backfield.
  • B defends this ball back to the playmaker, who then gives a setup for A.
  • A attacks this setup.
  • A lines up at the other side who defends the ball and has to score.

After the attack, A takes B's place and B becomes a reserve. The playmaker stays.

The outside attackers use the left half of the field with one playmaker. The middle attackers and diagonal attackers use the right half with another playmaker.


  • After the service, A takes a second ball.
  • After B's attack A throws this ball into the field.
  • B plays this ball to the playmaker, the playmaker gives a setup.
  • B attacks again.


  • the trainer stands at the net
  • 1 person in the field
  • the trainer throws difficult balls
  • The person in the field has to touch 3 balls.
  • If she does not touch the ball, you continue until she succeeds.
  • The rest of the players stand around the field to catch the balls and put them back in the cart.
  • Trainer throws in from the net and 3 players are lying on their stomachs on the backline
  • Trainer hits the ball, 3 players stand up and the trainer throws the ball over the net
  • the 1st person of the trio defends, nr. 2 gives a setup and nr. 3 attacks

  • then next 3 team

3 players in front of the net in positions 2-3-4.

The trainer hits the ball and the players have to decide if they want to block the ball and if so where.

  • the ball should be blocked and if so where. So the midfielder moves to the relevant side and the non-blocking front player moves back.
  • The ball comes up high and must therefore be defended. The players all move backwards except the sv

Extend this by including the 3 players at the back.

  • 1 person at the net, a back defender, a catcher and someone at the other side of the net.
  • The person at the other end of the net throws the ball, just over the block before the three meter line.
  • The defender comes from behind and stands on his good starting position. There he has to play the ball to the catcher.

See picture. Each 3 (or 4) players 2 balls. 2 players at the net a few meters apart, other player(s) in the backfield.

  • Exercise 1: Players take turns throwing the ball, player in the backfield plays the ball back underarm.
  • Exercise 2: First ball comes deep, 2nd ball comes short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers stand a little further apart and throw straight: player with ball on the sideline throws deep, other short. Passer moves left/right.

After x-number of balls or after some time swap places.