Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • Line 1 players ready   to stop ball
  • Line 2  players behind trainer
    • The first gives ball to trainer and joins line 1
  • Trainer rolls ball and player from line 1:
    • Stops ball with right hand
    • Stops ball with left hand
    • Stops ball with foot
    • Runs around and sits before the ball and lets the ball roll between the legs
    • Runs around and lies down before the ball and keeps ball still with outstretched arms
  • High tempo!
  • roll out 2 rope ladders
  • Perform assignment and trainer is at the end of the rope ladder and throws the ball
  • Player controls that ball and catches the ball and puts the ball in the ball box
  • You can change this per kid, depending on their success.
  • Challenge the child at its level.                
    • In each box 1 foot L R L R
    • rope-ladders-jumping
    • In every box 2 feet LR LR LR-In and out
    • rope-ladders-jumping
    • Move sideways
    • rope-ladders-jumping
    • and turn around
  • Two teams are spread over the field. (1 team has ribbons)
  • The objective is for a team to pass the ball 10 times without interruption without the ball touching the ground or being captured by the opponent.
  • If player B gets the ball from player A, he cannot throw it back to player A.
  • Walking with the ball is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to hit the ball from someone's hands.
  • You are also not allowed to pass the ball.
  • If the ball is dropped, or is captured by the opponent, the count starts again at zero.
  • If a team succeeds 10x in doing so, it scores a point.
  • Lie down in pairs of 2 next to each other
  • 1 tagger and 1 runner.
  • Runner lies down next to a pair and is safe
  • The one on the other side of the pair will be the runner.
  • If runner is tagged, he/she will be tagger.