Volleyball drills for warming-up


The four quart fields have been numbered (see triangles in picture) The goal is to reach field 1 as a team by not making any mistakes!

The game begins with bringing the ball into the field. This can be done by the trainer, but also a player can throw the ball over the net.

The pair that receives the ball plays the ball over the net by playing three times (mandatory!) etc..
The team that makes a mistake leaves the field (in case of 5 teams) or goes to field four (in case of 4 teams).
The other teams rotate a field.
So when the team in field two makes a mistake, they leave the field, field 3 rotates to field 2, field 4 to field 3, and the fifth team goes to field 4 .

After 10 minutes the game stops, and the team in field 1 is the winner!



1 - dive to 3 meter
2 - attack jump with hitting movement
3 - block on mid and left
4 - block at the same time with 3 block and 2x dive to end line
     ( links, rechts)
5 - low defense to 6 over the end line
6   sprint back
 3 times around

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

stomach muscle exercises

20 x up, 20 x tapping ankles, 20 x tapping foot, 20 x knees to the left, 20 x knees to the right

Movement prep and core stability:

hip cross over 10 x,  scorpion 10 x, planking 10 sec, planking left, planking right


  • bring the ball into the game; S sets up to left forward
  • 1 diagonal  attack
  • all rotate one spot when ball is over the net
  • defend diagonal attack on set-upper
  • set up to left forward, attack diagonally; etc.


  • when rotating, quickly to starting position
  • all provide attack defense
  • right forward block put straight


Pass and overarm exercise

  • Player A and A1 have the ball. 
  • This player throws the ball to player B/B1 
  • Player B/B1 passes the ball back 'perfectly' 
  • Player A/A1 then plays the ball in the basket. 
  • Player A/A1 picks up the ball and joins the back of the line. You follow your ball  

The tempo is automatic and can be increased. Make it harder by letting player B pass elsewhere, so player A has aim for the basket. Other option: Player A throws to a more difficult spot in the field. 


- 2 teams behind the three meter line
- defend, set up, and three meter attack
- when you have played the ball, you sprint to the net

VARIATION: instead of sprint:   block at the net
                                           duik naar achterlijn

In a large circle:

  • Turn ankles
  • Spread arms and make small circles, increasing in size. Then back again. Start large, and then make smaller and smaller rounds
  • Airplane. 10 seconds on every leg. 
  • Planking: 30 seconds or 1 minute


  • 9 hoops in a square  (3x3)
  • 2 groups of 3
  • everybody a vest/cloth 
  • every team their own color
  • first 2 of each group sprint to the hoops
  • put their cloth in a hoop
  • run back and tag the next
  • the goal is to get 3 in a row
  • if everybody has done it 1x, no cloths with be left
  • everybody runs one more time, and now you can move a cloth
  • the winner is the one who has 3 in a row the first, OR who is back the first (winning the relay race 2x)

Back muscles. Lie down flat on the floor face down. Place your hands on your back, and slowly get up as far as you can. Breathe out when you get up, and breathe in when you lie down again. Keep your eyes on the floor. We do this exercise 20 times. 

Stomach muscles. After the last exercise, we turn around and lie on our backs face upwards. Grab your partner and take place opposite him. Take a ball and throw it at the moment you clench both stomach muscles and get up. If this goes well, we increase the tempo 


The upper leg combo consists of 3 exercises that can be done in sequence. Pairs are formed, and you do three exercises with your own pair.

3 minute squats, bend legs as if you sit down. Buttocks to the back, back straight. Slower lower (preferably in 90 degrees) and come back up again. keep hands before body. Knees must not move past the toes. When coming up, keep tension on the legs. In the lowest position, the ball is played back and forth to the partner 

-2x2 minute Lunges, step with leg forward in 90 degree angle. Slowly bend your knees and come back up. Keep back straight and slowly lower so you can feel your buttocks.  When you are in the lowest position, throw the ball to the opposite player in the same position. 2 minutes left leg, and 2 minutes the right leg.

- 4 minute Steppen,   4 minutes Stepping,   place benches opposite each other and put 1 foot on the bench and back. Each time the same foot. Keep up for 2 minutes. Then change legs. Up and down...the last minute you jump on the bench with two feet at the same time. Throw the ball to the opposite player and he throws it back. If the one is on the bench to throw the ball, the other is on the ground and vice versa.


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