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Basketball drill: competitive layups

Suitable for the following techniques: condition attack

Competitive layups

  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 player sideline at free throw line level
    • 1 player baseline at the bucket
    • Players baseline with ball

  • Sequence:
    • Player baseline gives an arch pass to the player on the sideline
    • Player sideline catches the ball, sprints and makes a lay-up
    • Player baseline runs after player
    • After 10 minutes of free throws
    • Everyone baseline, 1 player makes a free throw
    • If missed, everyone except shotter runs to the center line and back

  • Progression:
    • Return with passive defense, step slide
    • Give player sideline less lead
    • Score 2 free throws in a row

  • Regression:
    • Giving player sideline more lead
drawing Competitive layups

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: