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Hockey drill: accept closed and be able to pass opponent

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control passing pass around player

Accept closed and be able to pass opponent

Exercise on both sides out
  • A gives a push to B
  • B takes the ball closed because defender D is in his back.
  • B accelerates with the ball on his stick past the cones,
  • D runs with B because he does not want B to pass.
  • D may, when B has passed the cones, try to conquer the ball
  • B wants to pass the ball to C.
  • When D intercepts the ball he passes it to C so that this person can continue with the exercise.
  • When B has gotten the ball to C C does the same and the defender E then goes to defend.
  • When E gets the ball he can finish on goal.
  • How do you turn, Va a goes to the spot of B,
  • B goes to the spot of D, D to the spot of C,
  • C to E's spot and E to A's spot

  • Tips for the attackers
    • Keep the ball close to you and screen it with your stick
    • Pass the ball over your opponent's backhand side
    • Accelerate so that it is already more difficult for the defender to stop you
  • Tips for the defenders
    • Keep your stick on the ground, then you can react much quicker to what your opponent does
    • Keep your opponent on the forehand and make sure the AS is close!
    • Let the attacker make the mistake and then intervene pass
    • Guide your opponent in the direction you want him/her to go

drawing Accept closed and be able to pass opponent

Characteristics of the drill

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