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Hockey drill: tip-in expansion

Suitable for the following techniques: push pass ball control hitting

Tip-in expansion

  • Preparation to practice with the tip-in. Further practice with the hard and pure pass to each other.
  • A push the ball to B on the forehand pay attention to the technique (hands apart, left foot in front, get power from your whole body, move your arms in the direction you are going)
  • B push the ball back to A,
  • A push to C
  • C back to A,
  • A push to D and D back to A.
  • When B has played the ball back to A he turns and goes around the pawn and offers himself to the head circle to receive the ball.
  • A takes the ball from D and gives a hard aimed flats towards E.
  • E makes eye contact with the incoming B and gives a directed pass (may be push or flats)
  • B takes the ball open, lines it up and completes with a strike on goal.
  • After shooting, he accelerates around the pawns to run a tip-in ball.
  • F makes eye contact with B and gives a hard aimed flat just as if he is going to score.
  • B causes the ball to change direction.

drawing Tip-in expansion

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: