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Korfball drill: action from rear

Suitable for the following techniques: attack running in shot shoot

Action from rear

  • The ball enters the box in a 4-0 formation.
  • The player on the other side -for- cuts in for support.
  • At the moment the ball is played to the diagonal player makes a breakthrough or lateral move, gets the ball played to him and gets to the shot.
  • If no goal is scored, the support can shift attention to the other back, where breakthroughs or clearances can be made for the shot.
Note: The player on the side of the ball can also run in instead of the player in front. The action then comes from the other side of the box.

  • Score 5 through balls over left and over right
  • Score 5 clearance balls from the left and right.
drawing Action from rear

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels: