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Handball drills for technique defense

  • first round only move from the right to the left side - sprint to the middle line and connect
  • second round, move over the circle and get out at the 9m or put down pawns
  • third round two teams face each other 6m + 9m, both move and player at the 6m steps out at the pawns and makes contact with the player at the 9m (can be done with or without ball)
  • fourth round turn the third round
  • then repeat everything from the other side!

  • EXIT as breakout!
  • player is going to slide/step out first and break after that
  • goalkeeper plays on / goalkeeper has to practise first

drawing Get out! Move!
  • Pairs face each other / width of the goal / so right and left of the goal
  • both players move to the first pawn and then make contact for 3sec (hands against the shoulder, defensive exercise) then move on to the next pawns and repeat
  • Move to the first cones, jump at the same time and give each other high five.
  • Repeat this exercise a few times!
  • all behind the backline - sprint 60% to half of 1 half then 100% sprint to the middle line / repeat this a few times / with different starting phases e.g. tripping on the foot, sprinting away from the boards, facing the wall ......
drawing exercise defense / slide and contcat make
  • 6 pawns / 2 x 2 pawns about 5 to 6 m apart at the height of 11 to 12m / 2 pawns at the height of 7m to demarcate the field / see image
  • players divide into 2 teams / 1 team wears shirts
  • 1 point of play on the center line with all balls
  • players stand behind a pawn diagonally from each other.
  • first player with and without vests start sprinting at the same time from 1 to the other pawn and pass the pawn and sprint again.
  • after the 2nd sprint, 1 player receives the ball and goes 1:1 against the other player
drawing 1:1 exercise
  • Make 2 teams. 4 defenders, 6 attackers
  • 8 mats in a circle, 4 defenders try to intercept the ball.
  • Attackers must move to another mat after every ball contact.
    • Free running by stepping on other mats is also allowed!
    • Receive ball only on the mat!
    • Intercepted ball, then change players.
    • Option: chase the ball, free running on another mat is also allowed!
  • Point of attention: defensive position, light on the feet, arms in good position.
    • (oblique to the body and slightly bent)
  • Players jump on 2 legs, different directions.
    • 2 teams follow each other.
    • Without and with ball between ankles.
  • Run on the spot, on signal assume defensive position.
    • (arms slightly bent, legs slightly in stride, knees slightly bent).
  • Run/walk through the hall and on sign do the same.
    • Also with change of direction. (left/right/back and then sign)
  • Teams of 2: shuffle hand in hand, change direction when signaled.
    • (sign verbally or non verbally by me)
  • 2 teams each with 1 ball.
    • Next to each other tip forward, on sign of the ball tip harder, slide to ball of the other and continue tipping.
  • 2 teams of 4 with 1 ball. A, B and C on 1 line with about 2 meter distance.
    • D has the ball, D passes to B, B passes back to D and shoots a straight pass.
    • B steps out and A and C move against each other.
  • 6 defenders inside the 9 meters. 4 attackers outside.
    • Attackers try to get inside the 9.
    • Defenders try to prevent this.

  • Player starts from the corner, moves across the circle and out towards the pawns
drawing Exit defense


  • Organization:
  • Make 5 equal groups, 1 group at each side and 3 in the middle.
  • Make sure both sides have several balls.
  • Put 2 defenders (red) just inside the 9 meter line.

  • Sequence:
  • B1 plays to B2
  • B2 runs to the ball and plays to B3
  • B3 plays to B4 and B4 tries to score.
  • Meanwhile, B1 has to chase the ball to help the defenders.
  • Then repeat from left to right.

  • Points of attention:
    Swap positions clockwise every 2 minutes, after 10 min everyone will have played every position.
    Pass quickly and accurately, and put pressure in the joint (i.e. between 2 defenders, if the defenders get the ball, the exercise stops and you start again from the other side.
  • Both start in a corner,
  • circle the pawn, whoever gets to the ball first is the attacker
  • and tries to score.

1. Make pairs with two balls.
2. The two players start from the center line.
3. The trainer plays one ball between the players. The player with the ball becomes attacker, the other defender.
4. After the attacker finishes, the defender runs back to the center line and grabs the second ball.
5. The attacker from the net, becomes the defender and the defender from the net attacks.

1. You divide the team into two corners.
2. One pair starts defending.
2. The first pair plays the ball to the goalkeeper and runs a half break.
3. The pair receives the ball from the goalkeeper just before the half way line4
. They play two against two.
5. 5. After finishing, the next pair starts from the corner and makes a half break.
6. At the same time, the attackers run from the net to the half way line and become defenders. The goalkeeper takes the ball as quickly as possible and plays it to the new attackers.

  • MO starts towards left, LO plays pass to inside starting MO
  • MO goes further into corner and plays pass to back past starting LH, LH puts pressure for UR, LO starts in towards middle
  • LH plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO pressures left of MA-l and plays pass to in starting RO, CS puts bar on MA-r, LO puts bar on MA-l, LH starts in to centre
  • RO plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO completes from circle