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Volleyball drills for technique serving

3 groups of 4 players.

Phase 1:
  • 2 with ball on serve.
  • 2 in court.
  • Start with serve and reception to mat.
  • Non-reception player catches ball on mat and goes to serve.
  • Serving player enters the backfield.

Phase 2:
  • Phase 1 + pass is given and passed to mat -> targeted.
  • Player who skips moves to serve.
  • Mat can be moved to transfer to other direction.
drawing storage - reception to targeted passing
Practice overhead serve.
Adjust as needed by trainer.

  • Points of attention:
    • Feet in the correct place - under the shoulders.
    • Hold the ball in front of you with your non-dominant hand.
    • Prepare your hitting hand - arm it.
    • Throw the ball up in a straight line in front of you, about 30 cm forward and 90 cm up.
    • Take a final step forward, toward the ball, and use your whole body to skip the ball.
      Start from pelvis ==> shoulder ==> elbow ==> hand.
    • Try to hit the ball with an outstretched hand.
  • Serve from position 1 diagonally to position 1.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team reaches the 15 first, if this takes too long you can lower it.
  • In this exercise taking turns serving is recommended.

  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. rotate on own side.
  • If possible reserve server, then reserve passers.
drawing Targeted serving
  • Serve from position 1 to position 5.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps, you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team gets to the 15 first, if this takes too long, you can reduce the number.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. passing on own side.
drawing Targeted serving
Practice on defense, technical attack and drop balls.

  • Practice defensive techniques.
  • Improve technical attack techniques.
  • Practice with drop balls.
  • 1 side with block.
drawing Attacking exercise with 1-man block
Storage practice with reaction.
drawing Storage
  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Everyone has a ball.
  • 2 Pawns in the center of each court as a starting position.
  • Trainer makes choice in which part of the field to serve: left or right, short or deep.
  • Serving from two sides.
  • Chasing your ball and moving pawn.
  • Rejoin your own team.
Pawn movement:
  • If the server serves in the right part => the pawn moves to where the ball hit the ground. You make the goal area smaller.
  • If the server does not serve in the correct part => then the pawn moves 1 meter towards the center of the field. Target area bigger.
  • Exercise on time => for example 5 minutes.
  • Team that has the smallest goal area after 5 min wins!
Then again with other part of the field.

drawing Serve focused - game 2
  • Make pairs with 1 ball
  • Trainer puts pawns in different colors in the center of the field. As many as there are pairs.
Always aim at a certain side of the pawn, trainer indicates which side.
- To the right of the pawn - straight through
- To the left of the pawn - diagonal
- In front of the pawn -short
- Behind the pawn -deep

Successful task: Move the pawn 1 meter so that the area becomes smaller.
Unsuccessful task: Move the pawn 0.5 meter back so that the area becomes larger.

Challenge: To get your own pawn as close as possible to the corresponding line of the field.

  • Drawing is example for 'straight through' serve.
  • Serve 5 minutes, whoever then has the smallest field is the winner.

drawing Serve focused - game
  • 2 groups of 4 to 5 kids on half a field.
  • 2/3 on the serve. 1 player on the other side of the net for the pass. 1 player at the net.

  • There is a serve and the passer plays the ball to the player at the net.
    Who catches the ball and throws the ball to the serve.
  • The passer remains standing for 10 balls. The two players at the serve take turns hitting.
  • After 10 balls, turn to pass.
drawing Pass exercise
  • Playmakers switch between themselves.
  • Targeted attacking defender.
  • Defender catches ball.
  • Runs around pawn.
drawing Posted attacks
  • 2 storage players
  • 1 blocker on 2
  • 1 pass
  • 2 defenders
  • Storage is given to or between the defenders.
  • Receptionist joins the pass.
  • Non-reception player attacks at 3 or 4.
  • The person who took the reception runs to the back and jumps over the hurdle.
Passing: storage player > blocker > reception > storage
drawing Reception & block
  • Divide the group into 3 groups
  • 1st group on 1 side of the net on the back line
  • 2nd group other side at position 1-5-6
  • 3rd group waiting room

  • 1st group serves 3x on the same group
  • 2nd group defends, must be in threes, these balls and attacks. All positions are allowed.
  • 3rd group waiting room

  • 1st group --> to the waiting room
  • 2nd group --> serve
  • 3rd group --> defend/attack
drawing Serve and pass in threesomes