Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • all the children walk in a line behind each other,
  • the last one runs slalom between the people until he is the first.
  • abs:
    • sit up
    • oblique sit up
  • back muscles:
    • lift left leg and right arm
    • hands under the chin
  • arm muscles:
    • spin around, pump
  • leg muscles:
    • sqaud, lunges
  • The players are evenly matched on one side of the pitch.
  • e.g. 4-4 they play in 3 contacts every time someone has played a ball that person runs to the back line and taps it and comes back so you play all the time
  • you can play this all over the field, inside the 3 meter line or outside the 3 meter line
  • Ladder walking at high speed. Can be extended with left-right stepping out of the ladder with one or two feet.
  • Slalom around the pawns.
  • Attack pass to the net and shuffle backwards (3x attack pass and 2x shuffle).
  • Step under the net.
  • Sideways past the net with head under net edge.
  • Make a dive across the field.
  • Walk around the pawn and sprint over the backline.
  • Run back to starting position.


5 exercises (for each player 1 and after 2 min. change)

  • exercise 1: abdominal muscle and back muscle
  • exercise 2: jump on the bench
  • exercise 3: jump ropes
  • exercise 4: big step with left to front, then bend the knee (with ball)
  • exercise 5: wall sit


  • Trainer stands with ball carrier at the net
  • Players divide into 2 groups
  • 1 group stands on the left side of the field other group stands on the right side of the field

  • Trainer throws the ball alternately left and right of the field,
  • players have to catch the ball and put it back in the cart and then close again on the other side.
  • Extension: players can play reception to the net and catch the ball themselves.

  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Then player with ball at the net, gives ball at 7 m,
  • then at 3 m above, below,

A short but intensive warming up to get the heart rate up and warm up properly.
This is completely without the ball.

  • To start this warming up we first start with 2 to 3 laps around the field.
    • This is to warm up the muscles a little bit.
  • Then we stand in a circle.
    • And do the following exercises in order with a 10 count rest each time
    • 30 sec. Jumping jacks
    • 30 sec bench (with the back against the wall and knees in an angle of 90 degrees)
    • 30 sec push-ups
    • 30 sec crunch (abdominal muscles)
    • 30 sec Squats
    • 30 sec planking
    • 30 sec alternating Lunges First left and right or vise versa
      • we do this two times


Make pairs.

Each pair 1 ball.

1 person throws the ball. the other person plays the ball back overhand with hard contact.

change after 20 balls.

step 2: pass to each other with the hard contact technique.