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Volleyball drills for technique defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

In pairs A and B. Defensive exercises.

  1. Left 3 steps - Right 3 steps - hit ground in split. 10 x then change.
  2. Shuffle diagonally back - ball hitting ground , sprint diagonally forward. 10 x then switch.
  3. A has ball and quickly throws left-right to B. This throws back immediately and shuffles to the side. 10 x then exchange.
  4. A throws ball to B shuffles back from left-right and throws back. 10 x then change.
  5. Exercise 3 but with playing back OH. 10 x then switch.
  6. Exercise 4 but then with return play OH. 10 x then switch.
Organization: A with ball at net / B at 3 meters and moves to 6 meters.
. A throws ball up, B shuffles to back, B stops in split, touches ground and as A keys ball BH tight to B, does defense back to A . 10 x then switch.
8. A tips ball to B, B plays high to A, A does intermediate key, B shuffles to back as A tightly keys to B, B does defense back to A. 10 x then switch.
Same as 7 but now attack.
10. Same as 8 but A now attacks.

Organization: A at net / B with ball at back line.
11. B throws ball high to A and runs to 3 meters and takes defensive position -ground tapping. A tips ball, B defends ball to A, and runs to back line, A tips ball to B who catches.
12. B throws ball high to A, runs to the 3 meters, gets tip ball, plays back to A, A does interjection, B shuffles backwards, A attacks.
13. B throws ball to A , runs to 3 meters and gets tip ball, plays high back to A, A can now choose, new tip ball or TT and attack backwards.

Organization: A at the net with the ball / B at the back line, facing the wall.

14. A calls name and throws up for attack, B turns around and defends the ball, then like exercise 13. A may choose.

  1. Trainer throws ball OH on pos VI front play in split position, move low across field.
    1. 4 x each side, then switch.
    2. After play shuffle sideways to other side.
    3. Players always switch sides.

  2. Trainer throws ball OH on pos V and I in front, player starts potty and runs to front, shuffle to back, plays ball, does block and runs back.
  3. Tainer throws ball OH on pos VI in front, players leave from sideline. 3m shuffle on side, back to sideline.
  4. Player blocks and after block defends ball at pos VI / III.
  5. Players leave at position IV / III trainer throws ball behind them. Shuffle backwards and play.
drawing defense drill exercises in 2 groups pI
  1. Low stance, 10 x between 2 pot shuffle sideways and play ball.
    Ball not thrown up too high. High pace. 1 shuffle step sideways. 2 x 10 times.

  2. Same as 1 but crossover shuffle sideways. 2 x 10 times.

  3. 2 x 4 times diagonal shuffle. Stand still in correct posture.

  4. Square shuffle back to center 2 x 3 times.

  5. Square shuffle always back to center 2 x 3 times.

  6. Block jump - turn around & defense.
    Throw on person and then smash.
drawing Shuffle passing exercises
  • The base team of six gets successively from the small team a serve, an attack -trainer plays rally ball the small team- and a free ball.
  • The trainer plays rally ball on the small team and they play the ball back in one go.
The base team gets 3 attempts to score 3 balls in a row.
  • If this succeeds, they rotate one spot.
  • If this fails, the players from the small team switch with players from the base team.
The goal is to complete all rotations in the time the exercise is run.
  • Service is made from position 5 on a pair; p/l & libero.
  • After service, this person goes to defend at position 5.
  • Side-out must be scored by attackers at position 3, 4 or 6.
  • After the side-out, the coach hits balls from position 4 into the diagonal, which are defended by players at position 4, 5 and 6.
  • From the defense again the attack must be scored. Rally is played out, after which everything starts again.
Points of attention:
  • Block shields position 1 and 2. After the pass/defense cover -don't do nothing-.
  • Make good choices in game distribution.
  • Efficiency training: 20 balls 10 x service & 10x defense.
When everyone has had their turn in this way, we do the exercise in mirror image.
  • Serve from position 1, block at position 3 and 4. Shield position 4 and 5.
  • Defending at position 1, 2, 5 and 6.
  • Attacking at position 1, 3 and 6.
Field is divided into 4 squares and in each square there is a pair; one behind the other.

The exercise expands and proceeds successively in this way:

On one side of the field everyone plays straight and on the other side everyone plays diagonally so that the ball "goes around.
  • Underarm passes within 3 meters and immediately pass overhead to the other side. Then run after the ball.
  • Same, only now the ball is not passed on, but instead a setup is given.
    • The 2nd person plays the ball overhand over the net.
    • The one who gave the setup runs on and the one who played the ball over the net goes back to pass.
  • Same, only now both persons are going to defend. The field runs to the double back line, 6 meters.
    • The ball is passed in jump to the opposite side. This may be long and short and it is up to the two defenders to solve this.
    • The one who jumps the ball goes after it.
  • Idem, only now the attacker is calm and defensible. Everything else remains the same, so the attacker rotates after the ball.
The pairs, as they stand now, stay together.
  • First a game is played on half-field straight.
  • Then the winners and losers play against each other on half field diagonally. Back line is 6 meters.
  • Games are played to 10 points.
  1. Feet parallel.
  2. As you sink through your knees to the ground your body goes forward.
  3. On your toes, weight forward.
  4. Knees above your toes.
  5. Shoulders in front of your knees.
  6. Triangle of your body.
  • Hips under the ball.
  • Hips low.
  • Elbows together.
Exercise slide dive forward.
  1. Flat on the ground, bend on the ground, then slide forward.
  2. Player A holds the ball against the outstretched arms of player B who is in defense position.
  3. Player B first goes through his right knee, then through his left knee, and comes back straight, right left . Focus on arms and on staying low in defense.

  • Trainer on the 2/3 with a ball cart and someone indicating balls.
  • 3 defenders who will pass everything
  • 1 ball raper
Trainer hits/pins balls at the defenders who have to keep everything off the ground.

  • Libero in position 5.
  • Ball is struck by SV 1 from position 4.
  • SV 2 runs in from position 1 and has a choice of 3 attackers.
  • Opposite 3 blockers or defenders.
  • After the rally Tr. serves and attacks again.
  • Then the playmakers change.
  • Another attacker is played twice.
  • Scoring 2x is 3 points, scoring 1x is 1 point and scoring 0x is exchange.
  • Who will have 15 points first?
  • Passer starts at position 5, with foot on the three-meter line.
  • Ball is thrown up and hit from position 1 other side.
  • When thrown up, the passer may move.
  • Catcher runs in from position 4 to 2/3 and takes place on the mat.
  • Pass on mat is 1 point, catcher then serves from 1 to 5.
  • In the zone is 1 point, on the mat is 2 points.
  • Then retrieve ball and attack.
  • Whoever gets to 15 points first wins.

  • Same, only now with 2 regular players, who take turns starting from position 4.
  • An attacker is now added.
  • The passer and passer make room for the new passer.
  • The one who attacked serves again.
  • The one who attacked goes to defend in the straight and then goes to block.
  • The one who blocked becomes the reserve passer.
  • Points can be gained by good pass, good service, score in attack or good defense, block can catch ball.
  • Who will reach 20 points first?
The players receive a rally ball from the trainer. The players will receive an assignment from the trainer beforehand.
The assignments are as follows:

  1. Hard attack from positions 2 and 4.
  2. Jab ball from position 2 and 4.
  3. 1st tempo attack to the middle.
  4. Long ball into the corners from position 2 and 4.
  5. Ball to free net defender from position 2 and 4.
  6. Place ball on playmaker.
Each task is performed twice, once with the playmaker behind and once with the playmaker in front. Assignment 6 only with the playmaker behind.
1 SV
  • Number of attackers on 52
    • With own intention of the ball

PL attacks on 52
  • Other side have 1x libero and 2 defenders ready
  • Pass to TR (pos 3/4)

  • Attacker becomes defender
  • Defender goes on attack
  • Libero remains standing!