Volleyball drills for warming-up


3 laps own
warming up ( 5 min)

Playing in pairs

  • forearms
  • overhead
  • peppering


  • 10 x sit ups
  • 10x squad
  • 30 sec plank
  • 10 x push-ups
    • Repeat 3 times

  • 1 has a ball others are lying flat on the ground.
  • With the ball everybody jumps with two legs over everybody else
  • and the last one stands up with his legs wide
  • and then the last one jumps until everyone is finished.
  • run 2 laps around the big field outside the yellow lines. On the short parts sideways.
  • Run 2 circles around the big field outside the yellow lines. On the short parts cross pass,

Back line - 2 lines:

  • Walk to back line 4x
  • Heels against seat until middle line - calmly walk to back line 2x
  • "At a fast pace to mid-line - slowly walk out to back-line 2x
  • Lift knees to middle line - walk slowly to back line 2x
  • "Quickly work your way to mid-line - slowly work your way to the back line 2x
  • Lateral left to mid-line - 1x
  • Sideways right to middle line - 1x

Hind line - 2 lines

  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line 1x
  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line - 3 meter - back line - back line


  • Each his given exercise

Per 3 - 1 ball: Sparring 15 min.

  • Discard
  • Strikes
  • Test
  • Sparring with the intention to stay busy
  • There are 2 teams who both stand behind the back line.
  • In the middle between the two teams are 9 hoops in rows of 3, each team has 5 bags/ ribbons/pins.
  • At the start sign of the trainer, one person of each group may run and place a bag or move a bag of the opponent.
  • When this player is back behind the line, the next one may run.
  • The first team to get 3 in a row wins the game.
  • Make pairs. Each pair has 2 tennis balls.
  • Player 1 holds arms extended outward with 1 tennis ball in each hand.
  • Player 2 stands about 1 meter in front of player 1.
  • Player 1 drops 1 ball in a random order.
  • Player 2 must try to catch the ball as fast as possible to prevent it from falling on the ground.

In all exercises, the players must try to get to the other side by performing tasks through teamwork.
At every task all players have to stay in contact, otherwise they have to start all over again.

  • Come all the way across, 4 players are not allowed to touch the ground.
  • Cross the street all together, 6 players must not touch the ground.
  • Cross the finish line on six legs and three players are not allowed to touch the ground.
  • Cross the street on 9 legs and everybody has to hold on to somebody else's leg.
  • Cross the street on 8 hands and 6 legs.
  • Cross the finish line on 10 hands and 6 legs.

These exercises are based on 9 players, the exercises can also be adapted for more or less players.

  • Make two groups, these two players stand behind each other.
  • All groups together form a circle.
  • In the middle there are 4 balls (if there are 5 groups).
  • The players have to jump on the back and off the back of their teammates on command of the trainer.
  • The trainer can call up, down and yes.
  • When the trainer says Yes, the back players have to run around the whole circle as fast as possible.
  • Then they have to go through the legs of their own team to get the ball in the middle.

  • Make 2 groups (in case of unequal groups, 1 person has to play 2 times).
  • Each group has 1 ball and stands behind the backline.
  • At the signal of the trainer, one person jumps to the net with the ball between his ankles.
  • When he is under the net he has to sprint around the pole and back to his team.
  • When this player is behind the back line she may pass the ball on to the next one.
  • When the whole team has done this, everyone has to sit behind the back line and the team that does this first wins.