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Soccer drill: shooting game

Suitable for the following techniques: shoot

Shooting game

  • All balls are next to the goal with the trainer.
  • The trainer plays the balls to the players.
  • The goal is to score. The player who scores stays in the game, while the player who misses or the goalie who stops the ball is out of the game.
  • The team with 1 or more players remaining last wins.
  • The player who has been goalkeeping makes sure the balls are returned to the coach until players are finished. After that, those players take over.
In groups A through D, players must shoot the ball in front of the 16-yard line. Beyond is off. For groups E through J, the line is halfway between the 5-meter area and the 16-meter line.

  • One group starts with goalkeeping, in this case red.
  • The trainer plays the ball in and the player from blue runs in and shoots directly at the goal. Don't assume first, then you're off.
  • If he hits, he goes goalie and rejoins his group. If he misses, he goes to goal and then collects balls.
  • When a player has shot at goal, hit or miss, the next ball from the opponent goes to goalkeeper.
drawing Shooting game

Characteristics of the drill

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