Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Coach stands in the middle at the net.
  • Three players are standing in the field.
  • Trainer throws/plays the ball to the players.
  • It does not matter how they do it, but the ball must arrive at the trainer.
  • Trainer may not take more than one step to get the ball.
  • The ball can also be played to the trainer in two or three times.
  • When there are 7 or more players the same thing can be done at the other side, but then instead of a trainer there is a player at the net.
  • It is important to make sure that the ball is passed to the trainer.
  • If there are extra players, someone can stand in the queue.
  • If the ball falls to the ground, the substitute will take that spot. (In the case of a large difference in level of play the substitution can be made as well).
  • Half of the team lined up at position 2.
  • Other half of the team with ball at position 5.
  • Just start throwing in and chasing the ball.
  • Extend with passing at position 5 and overhand at position 2.
  • Then expand further by adding exercises like blocking at the net, diving etc.
  • 1 player at position 2.
  • 1 player on position 3.
  • Coach or player on position 4.
  • Rest of the players in a line behind the back line at position 1.
  • Player at position 2 throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes back.
  • Player at position 3 throws a short ball inside the three meter line.
  • Player passes back ball.
  • Player/coach at position 4 hits or throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes it back and joins the back of the row again.
  • Don't forget to pass regularly!
  • Coach stands in the middle by the net.
  • Line of three players stand behind the back line.
  • Trainer throws balls alternately to the right and then to the left.
  • Players start walking in circles because they are in threes.
  • Players who are not in line are collecting balls.
  • 1 server, on the other side of the field 3 passers, with behind them again 3 passers who are ready.
  • The server taps the ball, the passers run to the middle line, run backwards and the server serves.
  • Play 3 times, everyone on the field.
  • Change positions.
  • Then with back to server, taps the ball, passers run into the field after which the server serves.
  • Organization:
    • Divide 2 quads on both fields.
    • Players stand on 3m-line.
    • The first player on field A has a ball.
  • Implementation:
    • Player on field A with the ball throws it with 2 hands from the neck over the net, runs under the net over the backline and joins behind it.
    • The first player on field B catches the ball and throws it back and runs under the net as well.
    • Regularly change the way of throwing: with: right hand, with left hand and throws from chest height.
    • After 2 or 3 minutes let the bra play. Now it is no longer necessary to walk over the back line.
    • After 2 minutes, make a block jump before passing under the net.
    • Then after the block jump, move sideways and make another block jump.
  • Attention point:
    • The rally must be kept going.
    • In case BH cannot be played, OH may be played.
  • Code warm-up game.
  • You make 2 or 3 groups.
  • You come up with a code of about 8 numbers. {depending on the condition of the team}
  • Say my code is 11325543.
    • 1- 2 x run to the net and back.
    • 2- 5x abs.
    • 3- 5 times blocking.
    • 4- 2 x dive.
    • 5- 20 seconds in sitting position against the wall.
  • The pair tries to decipher the code.
  • They do 1 of the 5 exercises, then come to the trainer to see if the number is correct.
  • If yes:
    • May they try to guess the next one.
  • If no:
    • They have to choose another number to guess the code.
  • Who deciphers the code first, wins.
  • Playmaker at the net.
  • Two middle attackers, two outside and two diagonal.
  • Other players line up to pass.
  • Trainer puts ball in play from the other side of the net.
  • Passer passes, playmaker chooses attacker and an attack is made.
  • After the attack players get the ball and join the passers.
  • After passing attack on your own position (or an empty position).
  • Trainer throws-serves ball to passer.
  • A passes ball to midfield position.
  • B stands at the basket and catches the ball and brings it to the trainer and then joins the back of the line.
  • A becomes B.